We are currently in the process of gathering information from local groups, services and groups to direct residents.

More information will appear soon.

If you wish to have information here regarding your group, or a service you provide to the community please email Emma Sylvester at clerk@standrews-pc.gov.uk

Tadpole Garden Village Gardening Club (TGV GC) is a group of willing volunteers that have been engaged in a range of community projects since their inception over five years ago. As well as brightening up the TGV area with planters, hanging baskets and seasonal planting displays the group have also conducted several charitable and community-based projects, such as helping to install a wellbeing garden at Great Western Hospital and building a thankful village memorial in TGV.

Recently, the group has also taken on a few volunteer projects to assist local residents with tackling gardens and community areas that have become overgrown, restoring them to a more manageable state for onward maintenance by the residents themselves.

Should you know of someone who could benefit from this group’s assistance then please get in touch. They will obviously attempt to assist, but please remember they are volunteers and are thus limited on time and resources that they can spend on a project. Any request will be assessed as to whether the group would be able to tackle the issue, or whether it needs resources greater than they can provide. That said, usually a morning or afternoon is sufficient to resolve a small problem area. Please contact stuartolden@btinternet.com to find out more.

Contact details for local nurseries and preschools.

Busy Bees St Andrews Ridge

The Neighbourhood Centre, Highdown Way, Swindon SN25 4FD

01793 726919

Glitterbugs Preschool

Redhouse Community Centre, Swindon SN25 2NJ

07551 903573


Happy Days Nursery and Preschool

Elstree Way, Swindon SN25 4YX

01793 748315


Contact details for local primary schools.

Bridlewood Primary School and Nursery

Chartwell Road, SN25 2EX

01793 706830


Tadpole Farm C of E Primary School

Greene Street, SN25 2EX

01793 729740


Red Oaks Primary School

Redhouse Way, SN25 2AN

01793 493920


Abbeymeads Community Primary School

Hugo Drive, SN25 4GY

01793 723239


Brimble Hill School

Tadpole Lane, SN25 2NB

01793 493900


William Morris Primary School

William Morris Way, SN25 2PP

01793 299022


Abbey Farm Educate Together Primary School

Diamond Crescent, SN25 2SJ

01793 251109


Contact details for secondary schools

Abbey Park School

Redhouse Way, SN25 2ND

01793 705400

Great Western Academy Secondary School

Hugo Drive, SN25 2PP

01793 209700

Churchwards School

William Morris Way, SN25 2PP

01793 209198

Uplands School

Tadpole Lane, SN25 2NB

01793 493910


Youth clubs

The underground.

Location: The Orbital, next to the library.

Monday and Tuesday 3-6 pm.

Year 7-11. Everyone is welcome.