Warrener Close

We are working to safely reopen our play areas

Following recent government guidance, we are working to ensure the safe reopening of our play areas. The reopening of play parks will be on a phased basis.

Information and reminders about the re-opening will feature on our social media pages



Use if anyone in your household is showing symptoms or self-isolating

Use if it’s too busy and avoid equipment that’s already in use

Eat or smoke in the play area


The use of tube slides, playhouses and tunnels should be minimised

No shouting, because this can spread the virus


Sanitise your hands before entering the play area and again after leaving

Supervise children at all times

Observe social distancing

Use the bins provided, or take your litter home with you

Play Safe!

Our parks teams are working through the many new measures needed in light of the current Coronavirus pandemic. Users of the facilities will be reminded of the need to keep a distance from other users and parents should take responsibility for their children and ensure they play apart from others, are respectful of queues for play equipment and play considerately by not hogging equipment that others are waiting for.

Food will not be allowed in or around the play areas and all users, including children, will need to remember to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser after using the equipment. Its important that users follow our guidance and use the areas responsibly, so everyone can enjoy them

The opening of play areas is slightly later than the provisional date given by the government, we understand that this may be frustrating to some residents, but please be patient and only use our facilities when we have assessed them, and they are as safe as possible to do so.

Information and reminders about the re-opening will feature on our social media pages.