Job Vacancy

Grounds Team Worker

SCP 13-17 (£22,021 - £23,836)

St Andrews Parish Council (Swindon) are looking for proactive, experienced and capable outdoor manual task team workers to work within a team to deliver a “Gold” standard Grounds, Parks and Waste Management Service for the Parish Council.

Team workers will work directly for the team supervisor to deliver the “Service” which includes:

  • Grassed areas mowing using a combination of tractor and gang mower, small tractor mower and powered hand tools.
  • Hedge cutting using a combination of tractor mounted attachments and power hand tools.
  • Shrub bed maintenance using a combination of tractor mounted attachments, power hand tools and manual labour.
  • Weekly Litter and Dog Waste bin emptying and disposal using flat bed or similar vans.
  • Children’s Play Park inspections maintenance and repairs.
  • Children’s Play Park clearing and cleaning.
  • Street cleaning and husbandry activities.
  • Waste cleaning removal activities.
  • Fencing repairs plus installation of new street furniture (bins, benches etc).
  • Other outdoor manual labour activities.

In order to provide maximum flexibility and utilisation of staff, all team members will be trained and expected to cover all aspects of the service.

Team workers will also perform:

  • Vehicle and equipment inspections, daily tasks and routine maintenance as directed by the supervisor.
  • Vehicle and Equipment refuelling and washing duties.
  • General cleaning tasks within the scope of the overall “Service”.

Team workers will be provided with:

  • Full training for the equipment and vehicles they are expected to use.
  • Full Protective Personal equipment (PPE).

The successful applicant must:

  • Be licenced to drive vehicles up to 3.5 T including tractors and powered mowing equipment.
  • Commit to safe working practices and wear the mandated and appropriate PPE (supplied) for the task being performed, as determined by the supervisor.
  • Be able to work within a team, reacting to dynamically changing priories set by the Council and Supervisor.
  • Be willing to proactively identify issues and report them up the chain.
  • Be able to directly interface with the public in a positive and friendly manner.

Workers will be expected to work outside mostly in all but the most severe of weather to maintain the schedule of the “Service”. Foul weather and protective equipment will be supplied.

This is a Full-Time post, workers will be required to work on site for a full 5 day week, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays (in England), in line with Parish resident’s expectations for a full weekday cover service.

There will be an initial 3-month assessment period followed by a formal review where both parties will be able to terminate the contract if the applicant/role is found to be not suitable.

Mandatory Requirements (all):

  • Previous recent and relevant experience working within a team delivering Grounds, Parks and Waste Management Services, or a similar work environment.
  • Positive and proactive work ethic.
  • Able to work as a team player.

Applicants CV must include their authorised Driving Licence Vehicle classes (Vehicles fully licenced to drive) plus any penalties or restrictions that are in force, as well as any relevant experience working in a similar environment in the past.

Applications must be submitted by 20th May 2020 to be considered for this role.

Interested applicants should submit their application letter and CV along with completed privacy notice (which can be downloaded below) direct to:

Job Application Privacy Notice