St Andrews Parish Council, with support from Swindon Borough Council, is looking to plant more trees across the parish to create new woodlands. This forms part of the Trees for Climate Initiative, to provide and improve biodiversity in addition to fighting climate change. St Andrews Parish Council has identified three sites (detailed below) and is seeking the views of parishioners.

The woodlands will be designed with future community use in mind and will be set back around 20 metres from housing, with smaller, shrubbier species selected where appropriate. The areas have been selected to add to the current stock of trees rather than breaking up too much of the great open space areas.

Trees can not only help fight the world's current climate crisis, but they also have the ability to lower air temperatures, improve biodiversity, purify the air we breathe and encourage more wildlife. Also, spending time in green open spaces or bringing nature into your everyday life can benefit both your mental and physical well-being.

Site 1 Open space below Northbourne Road

Northbourne Road

Site 2 Open space behind Lyall Close and either side of Diamond Jubilee Park

Diamond Jubilee Park

Site 3 Open space behind tree line of Oakhurst Way on the footpath towards Redhouse Park

Redhouse Park

Residents whose dwelling is close to any of the above sites will receive a letter (attached below). All residents can send their opinions on where the trees are intended to be planted to by 21st April 2023. The Parish Council values feedback. The Parish Council would also like to hear from anyone willing to volunteer, whether a business/group or individual to plant the trees.

Further Information:

Cllr Vera Tomlinson - Chairman
01793 703751

Luke Jones – Grounds Maintenance Manager

Trees for Climate Initiative

Tree Consultation Letter to Residents